Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Im Batman!

Halloween Decorations

This is my first time living in a house so I was very excited to put up actual Halloween decorations. Mo and I went to a few Halloween stores and bought some cute decorations.
Mo really wanted to get those pumpkin leaf bags but we couldnt find them anywhere so we got a spider leaf bag instead at a dollar store. Sadly most of the legs were ripped when Mo went to put it together so our spider only has 3 legs.

We are the only fun people on the block apparently. No one else has Halloween decorations up.

I think tomorrow Im going to carve pumpkins. Now that its cold out Im not as worried about them rotting too fast. I am a little worried about the squirrels eating them though.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I kill 6 spiders a day in this house.
I seriously dont go to sleep without moving and looking under all the pillows and blankets. Mo thinks its silly... so I'll just leave him to die the next time I wake up and a huge brown spider is about to eat his brains.

Dr Boinkinscizer