Sunday, February 27, 2011

beach vollyball fail

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I miss that little death trap

I really miss my moped.

I miss the wind in my hair, the music on my ipod, and ability to park anywhere I damn well wanted.

I miss the freedom of barreling down the road at 50mph...downhill.. with nothing separating me from the road but a lot of plastic.

I just think its kind of odd that out of all the superficial things to miss thats the thing I think about the most. I dont think about my bed, my couch, my TV, my espresso machine, my books, or my shoes (that Mo put in storage by accident). I think about my cute little scratched up moped I sold to a college girl before we moved up to MN.

Maybe I will look into getting a motorcycle licence this year.

In other news:
Thinking about my moped has given me an idea for my Purim and/or Halloween costume!
....Maybe I'll only use it for Halloween. I doubt Israel would get the reference.


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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


im feeling a bit uninspired this week
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Monday, February 21, 2011

Need sleep

3 hours of sleep and a 10 hour work day fulled by espresso and redbull makes me a little crazy
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Stop that

your face will freeze that way
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Saturday, February 19, 2011


Abalulu (I might be spelling that wrong) is the boogie man in Hebrew.

Personally my biggest fear is anything that could suck out my brains like over cooked pasta.

Friday, February 18, 2011



We have settled into our odd little life here in Las Vegas.

We have learned to tolerate the complaining room mate and have found his overall clueless-ness to be good cheap entertainment. Example, we took him out to some of the upscale shops just to get him to stop complaining about being stuck in the house and watched gobsmacked as he asked a sales woman in a very fancy brand shoe store if they carried Nike or Adidas. He was very serious and didnt understand why most of the store started laughing.

Ive settled into a middle ground at the kiosks where Im selling but Im sure as hell not considered one of the best. Im totally ok with that. I dont want them to fire me for sucking but I also know damn well I dont have what it takes to be really good here. This isnt for me but I can bite my nail for a month.

Mo has been moved from sales to the office which hes fine with. Hes on a set salary now and gets a company car to use. When he does the opening work hes also very useful to me because he has the ability to set whatever kiosk I'll be working at up with pretty skirts. Im not saying he does that, cause thats like cheating... but I did notice he had very nice taste with the skirts at the Venetian today.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I love you

I havent seen Mo for more than 5 minutes all day today.
He was out the door and working from 7am to 1pm then had to go back in to help set up a brand new kiosk from 8pm till  late tonight.
I got called into work even though it was my day off and only got home in time to wave goodbye as he left again.

So I drew this, ripped it out of my sketch book, wrote I LOVE YOU on it, then stuck it in his laptop because he always checks his facebook when he gets home or goes to sleep watching a show on his computer.

On safari

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

One of us

Today 3 people who also work in the mall asked me my race and 2 people just started talking to me in Hebrew.

The first time I actually looked at my own arm thinking maybe my skin was changing color like the aliens in that show V.

Flamboyant Flamingo

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its getting hot in here.

I had quite the heated arguments going with both roomies tonight.

The one thats being kicked out gave us the excuse that the owners of the company gave him "bad energy" and he just doesnt need to be around that. He complained that they disrespected him for telling him he cant wear jeans in a bad way. So I said, "Well, really... look at it from their point of view. They told you the dress code and you flat out ignored it and admit that you ignored it so really, you disrespected them first."
He didnt like that.

10 minutes later I stepped outside and the complaining guy came out to smoke and said, "Its too cold in the apartment." I told him, "I cant breath when its 80 in the house. Thats just insane."
He replied, "Yeah, but I has asthma. So I cant breath when its so cold."
Uh...what? My obvious answer to that was, "Look. You cant get me to feel bad for you for having asthma when your standing there smoking."

....what the fuck... really.

Do you hear that? Its the worlds smallest violin playing for you.

Two days ago we got our first room mate. Hes a very nice guy but hes messy and really freaking hyper. I dont really even care about the messy part. Mo and I stay in our room. When we get home from work we are ready to crash. Ovi, the new roomie didnt really like that and spent two nights almost jumping on our bed with hyperactivity trying to convince us to get up and go out.

So when we found out we were getting ANOTHER room mate we thought "woohoo! Problem solved. Ovi will have someone to go out with and leave us alone."

I met the new room mate after getting home from work last night. Hes... special.
As soon as I said hi he had a bunch of questions.
-How do I fill out my W2 and I9? (I walked him through it)
-Is there a group of people that go out and party once a week? (Im sure there is but I dont know them and Mo and I are here to make money, not to spend it all on going out to the clubs.)
-Hows the company? (Fine...everyone in my department has been around for years so it has to be a good company.)

Then there was a long list of complaints that he went ON AND ON about all through the night and today.
-I dont have internet... its going to be a whole week before they set it up! (Bummer, Im sure you can live a week with going down the block to starbucks)
-Its so cold here! (He then turned the heat up to freaking 90 so Mo and I woke up to uncomfortable heat. I turned it back down but when I came back to the apartment today it was 80! So I very firmly yelled, "What the fuck! Thats too fucking hot! I cant live like that and thats not how its going to be!")
-They didnt give me blankets. (Duh. They arent going to give you towels or complimentary soap either)
-Im getting sick because of the cold. Im from Florida, its warm there. (I asked how long he lived in Florida, a month. So I rolled my eyes and told him it was in his head.)
-I need someone to drive me to the store. I have to get stuff at the store. I dont want to go to the store around the corner cause its too expensive. The guys at the company said they would take me but that was hours ago! (I'll slash our cars tires before I take him shopping.)
-Im bored. I cant get anywhere without a car. You have a car and can go anywhere. I dont know what to do. Im going crazy in this house. (I told him twice how to get to the free shuttles that take you to the strip then finally got sick of his bitching and invited him to walk with me to the shuttles. I have never been so happy to abandon someone in a casino.)

On the way to the shuttles I learned a lot about our short whining roomie.
-He doesnt have a licence in the US or Israel because he dropped out of the classes.
-Hes worked in 5 states in 3 months.
-He most recently worked for a lotion kiosk that kicked him out after a month because he just wasnt getting it.
...I dont think he will be here for long .

And a recent update from Mo. Turns out the hyperactive guy is leaving. Today was a kiosk inspection day and he showed up for work out of the dress code then told management that hes going to wear whatever he wants and do whatever he wants. They obviously dont want to deal with that kind of attitude and are cutting him.
Im not sure if he knows yet...
New update. Yes he knows...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sketchs 3

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Yeah, I hate me too.

Just a scribble, because thats how today was.

I woke up in a miserable mood. I didnt want to go to work, I didnt want to talk to anyone, I hated everything and everyone.
Our new room mate wasnt making me feel better. He is a nice guy but he is very in your face so when he saw I wasnt in a good mood he wanted to talk about it. I HATE people wanting to talk to me when Im in a mood.

So I went to work pissed off and wanting to break our roomies nose.

An hour into work I got a call from Pawn Stars, the show on the History channel. They had an opening and wanted me and Mo to come on the show tomorrow. My mood instantly shot up to fantastic! Its one of our favorite shows!

Later in the day after hours of "Can I ask you a question?" (I died a little inside the first time I said it) A random stranger bought me the skirt I was selling. I was floored. In less than a minute he decided to drop $100  on me. Which is great because I got a new skirt and the commission off it. I feel a little weird because its honestly the nicest thing any very random stranger has ever done for I asked him if I could give him a hug. I dont even like touching people.

Then I got another call from Pawn Stars. Their equipment was acting up and they cant shoot tomorrow. Damn. They are going to try and fit us in before we leave Vegas. Still exciting but a little disappointing.

So I wont be on TV (again) yet but I did get the boost I needed to get through the next month and a half of asking people if they "want to see how my magic skirt works".