Tuesday, November 22, 2011

First doctors appointment

Today was our first doctors appointment.

We had to see a nurse first to go over a giant packet of first baby stuff. They usually go over what to expect in every trimester and give you a few different choices on tests to check for......something. Im not sure what I missed because the nurse kept picking up a packet and saying, "Cant do that anymore. Missed that. Over that. Morning sickness?? No? Nevermind. Well are you going to breast feed? No? Ok... would you like a flu shot while your here?"
We got through the packet so fast that the nurse had enough time to run down to the ultrasound lady and sweet talk her into fitting us in.
Usually your supposed to drink a bunch of water an hour before the appointment so they can squish the baby and see it better. The nurse missed the memo that I thought I was around 3 or 4 months and made me pee in a cup to take a pregnancy test before handing me the packet. So my bladder was empty which made the ultrasound lady nervous about letting me in until she saw how skinny I am.

It was pretty freaky watching the baby squiggle around in me. I had assumed I was just gassy a lot but it turns out the baby kicks and punches... a lot...which feels like little gas bubbles right now. Eventually though it wont tickle so much.
We found out that Im not 3 or 4 months. Im 5 months, My due date is April 7th.
We also found out we are having a girl. A squiggly little girl thats all arms and legs...and her feet look huge already.

Mo is very happy.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Sketchbook Project

I signed up for The Sketchbook Project
Basically you sign up and pay a fee, they send you a sketch book, and you fill it up with whatever the hell you want and send it back to them before the deadline. Then your sketchbook goes on exhibit and gets published in a book.

I thought about just doing the $25 to take part but I liked the idea of having it digitized so if I wanted to share it with other people...who arent in NY...I can. 
I think this will really help me to put a little more effort into things. I work my butt off when I've spent money to take part in something.

I think my little sister should join. I know she has a sketchbook but she wont let anyone see it.