Friday, February 18, 2011


We have settled into our odd little life here in Las Vegas.

We have learned to tolerate the complaining room mate and have found his overall clueless-ness to be good cheap entertainment. Example, we took him out to some of the upscale shops just to get him to stop complaining about being stuck in the house and watched gobsmacked as he asked a sales woman in a very fancy brand shoe store if they carried Nike or Adidas. He was very serious and didnt understand why most of the store started laughing.

Ive settled into a middle ground at the kiosks where Im selling but Im sure as hell not considered one of the best. Im totally ok with that. I dont want them to fire me for sucking but I also know damn well I dont have what it takes to be really good here. This isnt for me but I can bite my nail for a month.

Mo has been moved from sales to the office which hes fine with. Hes on a set salary now and gets a company car to use. When he does the opening work hes also very useful to me because he has the ability to set whatever kiosk I'll be working at up with pretty skirts. Im not saying he does that, cause thats like cheating... but I did notice he had very nice taste with the skirts at the Venetian today.

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