Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yeah, I hate me too.

Just a scribble, because thats how today was.

I woke up in a miserable mood. I didnt want to go to work, I didnt want to talk to anyone, I hated everything and everyone.
Our new room mate wasnt making me feel better. He is a nice guy but he is very in your face so when he saw I wasnt in a good mood he wanted to talk about it. I HATE people wanting to talk to me when Im in a mood.

So I went to work pissed off and wanting to break our roomies nose.

An hour into work I got a call from Pawn Stars, the show on the History channel. They had an opening and wanted me and Mo to come on the show tomorrow. My mood instantly shot up to fantastic! Its one of our favorite shows!

Later in the day after hours of "Can I ask you a question?" (I died a little inside the first time I said it) A random stranger bought me the skirt I was selling. I was floored. In less than a minute he decided to drop $100  on me. Which is great because I got a new skirt and the commission off it. I feel a little weird because its honestly the nicest thing any very random stranger has ever done for I asked him if I could give him a hug. I dont even like touching people.

Then I got another call from Pawn Stars. Their equipment was acting up and they cant shoot tomorrow. Damn. They are going to try and fit us in before we leave Vegas. Still exciting but a little disappointing.

So I wont be on TV (again) yet but I did get the boost I needed to get through the next month and a half of asking people if they "want to see how my magic skirt works".

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