Sunday, February 27, 2011

I miss that little death trap

I really miss my moped.

I miss the wind in my hair, the music on my ipod, and ability to park anywhere I damn well wanted.

I miss the freedom of barreling down the road at 50mph...downhill.. with nothing separating me from the road but a lot of plastic.

I just think its kind of odd that out of all the superficial things to miss thats the thing I think about the most. I dont think about my bed, my couch, my TV, my espresso machine, my books, or my shoes (that Mo put in storage by accident). I think about my cute little scratched up moped I sold to a college girl before we moved up to MN.

Maybe I will look into getting a motorcycle licence this year.

In other news:
Thinking about my moped has given me an idea for my Purim and/or Halloween costume!
....Maybe I'll only use it for Halloween. I doubt Israel would get the reference.


  1. Cool picture. What's that strapped on her back? What's Purim? sounds like food for pets or mashed patatoes:))

  2. Purim is a celebration that commemorates the deliverance of the Jewish people from the Persians. They celebrate by dressing up and getting blind stinking drunk... so its kinda like the Jewish version of Halloween.

    She has a bass guitar on her back.