Thursday, February 3, 2011

Its getting hot in here.

I had quite the heated arguments going with both roomies tonight.

The one thats being kicked out gave us the excuse that the owners of the company gave him "bad energy" and he just doesnt need to be around that. He complained that they disrespected him for telling him he cant wear jeans in a bad way. So I said, "Well, really... look at it from their point of view. They told you the dress code and you flat out ignored it and admit that you ignored it so really, you disrespected them first."
He didnt like that.

10 minutes later I stepped outside and the complaining guy came out to smoke and said, "Its too cold in the apartment." I told him, "I cant breath when its 80 in the house. Thats just insane."
He replied, "Yeah, but I has asthma. So I cant breath when its so cold."
Uh...what? My obvious answer to that was, "Look. You cant get me to feel bad for you for having asthma when your standing there smoking."

....what the fuck... really.

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