Thursday, February 3, 2011

Do you hear that? Its the worlds smallest violin playing for you.

Two days ago we got our first room mate. Hes a very nice guy but hes messy and really freaking hyper. I dont really even care about the messy part. Mo and I stay in our room. When we get home from work we are ready to crash. Ovi, the new roomie didnt really like that and spent two nights almost jumping on our bed with hyperactivity trying to convince us to get up and go out.

So when we found out we were getting ANOTHER room mate we thought "woohoo! Problem solved. Ovi will have someone to go out with and leave us alone."

I met the new room mate after getting home from work last night. Hes... special.
As soon as I said hi he had a bunch of questions.
-How do I fill out my W2 and I9? (I walked him through it)
-Is there a group of people that go out and party once a week? (Im sure there is but I dont know them and Mo and I are here to make money, not to spend it all on going out to the clubs.)
-Hows the company? (Fine...everyone in my department has been around for years so it has to be a good company.)

Then there was a long list of complaints that he went ON AND ON about all through the night and today.
-I dont have internet... its going to be a whole week before they set it up! (Bummer, Im sure you can live a week with going down the block to starbucks)
-Its so cold here! (He then turned the heat up to freaking 90 so Mo and I woke up to uncomfortable heat. I turned it back down but when I came back to the apartment today it was 80! So I very firmly yelled, "What the fuck! Thats too fucking hot! I cant live like that and thats not how its going to be!")
-They didnt give me blankets. (Duh. They arent going to give you towels or complimentary soap either)
-Im getting sick because of the cold. Im from Florida, its warm there. (I asked how long he lived in Florida, a month. So I rolled my eyes and told him it was in his head.)
-I need someone to drive me to the store. I have to get stuff at the store. I dont want to go to the store around the corner cause its too expensive. The guys at the company said they would take me but that was hours ago! (I'll slash our cars tires before I take him shopping.)
-Im bored. I cant get anywhere without a car. You have a car and can go anywhere. I dont know what to do. Im going crazy in this house. (I told him twice how to get to the free shuttles that take you to the strip then finally got sick of his bitching and invited him to walk with me to the shuttles. I have never been so happy to abandon someone in a casino.)

On the way to the shuttles I learned a lot about our short whining roomie.
-He doesnt have a licence in the US or Israel because he dropped out of the classes.
-Hes worked in 5 states in 3 months.
-He most recently worked for a lotion kiosk that kicked him out after a month because he just wasnt getting it.
...I dont think he will be here for long .

And a recent update from Mo. Turns out the hyperactive guy is leaving. Today was a kiosk inspection day and he showed up for work out of the dress code then told management that hes going to wear whatever he wants and do whatever he wants. They obviously dont want to deal with that kind of attitude and are cutting him.
Im not sure if he knows yet...
New update. Yes he knows...

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