Saturday, June 18, 2011

Thats not going to fly.

Mo and I seem to have horrible luck renting.

Living in company housing in Vegas was horrible.

In this new little house we are already having problems with the washing machine and with the basement leaking when it rains. I have also already noticed that the landlord calls quite a bit.
We invited the neighbor over when we made BBQ Thursday (our neighbor is awesome btw. I cant wait to hang out with her more) and she told us about how the landlord will come into her house whenever he wants. Sometimes hes walked in while shes been in the shower and once she found him in her house with his kids coloring at the coffee table. Thats just creepy.

Our old landlords from living in MN might just take the cake as the worst ever. Not only did we have mold problems on the bedroom wall, noisy neighbors, cockroaches, and list as long as my arm of existing damages but now they have decided to renovate the apartment and charge us for it as "cleaning to make the apartment livable". They want us to pay $4,000.
Two thousand for leaving the lease early (when it clearly states that if we do abandon the lease we only owe two months rent) and another 2 thousand for "cleaning". In a list provided by their lawyer they got new appliances, redid the bathroom, buffed and waxed the floors, replaced the carpet, replaced the window screens, the blinds, and changed the locks on the doors.
Every single thing on the list was either broken, stained, or scratched before we got there or didnt need to be fixed at all. Actually the screens and the blinds were the only things that didnt need to be fixed they were old but there wasnt anything wrong with them.

Im fuming but also very  happy that I took a lot of pictures of us in the apartment throughout our stay there all the way up until a week before we left. With the pictures you can tell nothing was ever damaged by us.

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