Thursday, May 26, 2011

New summer my lawn...wait, no...

Mo and I recently moved into a duplex in a very quiet part of MN. I look at it as a test drive to actually buying a house because we get all the fun things that go with having a house without actually having to own it like garbage day, a basement where Mo has free reign to do manly things (so far hes only arranged furniture and skyped his mother down there), and lawn duties.

Anyway, I was hanging laundry today and noticed that we have a crap ton of dandelions in our yard.
Later, I started reading Hunger Games and hit a point where the main character talks about eating dandelions.
So I looked up and thought, "Holy crap. I went to a talk at an art museum in Boston a couple years ago where a guy was promoting his book on cooking with dandelions and I really wanted to try it!"

So all the little legos connected in my brain and I've figured out my next project.
Cooking with weeds!! ones...

Yes, Im going to make an attempt to feed my lawn to people...mostly Mo....

Not an everyday thing but as the cooking feeling strikes (and Im too lazy to go to the store) I'll forge for food in my yard and post the recipes I try and the results over the summer.

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