Tuesday, May 10, 2011


We are back from Israel. It was a fantastic experience and to be quite honest, I didnt really want to come back to the US. The food is better, families are closer, people are ridiculously open which is refreshing. There was a feeling of life, pride, and unconditional love that you dont see often in the US. Dont get me wrong, Israel had its down sides. Lines dont exist, checking into a hotel is a 3 hour spitting match, drivers are nuts, and you will never see a cheeseburger. Realistically I could see myself living there and being much happier than I will ever be here in MN and thats taking into account how frustrating it is learning a new language.
For the full Israel story I posted everything to my little spin off blog http://yafehisrael.blogspot.com/

We are back. Currently we are living in a hotel because we didnt have a home to come back to.
We signed a lease on a house in a nice neighborhood. It needs some work. I want to rip down the wallpaper from the 50's and the hardwood floors need some love, but the landlord was willing to overlook Mos lack of credit and gave us permission to do whatever we want to the place. We move in on the 15th.

This weekend we will head down to WI to see friends and my family and hand out gifts.

*Edit: I am currently going back through my Israel posts and putting in pictures. Depending on the internet speed in the hotel they should be all up by tomorrow.

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  1. Heh. I wish I had known about that blog while you were away. I'll have to spend some time catching up on your adventures now!