Monday, August 1, 2011

Lots of paperwork and zero personality

My new job is going well enough.

Im running a store I knew nothing about until my first day. The product is new to me, their process is new to me, and it takes me a half hour to find anything from paperwork to back stocked product because their organization system seems ass backwards to me.

So its going as well as one can expect.

My two complaints so far:
Their communication system is stone age. So Im stuck doing redundant paperwork.

My current staff has the personality of dry toast. They are fine with customers and do what they are told but I might as well just have a bunch of robots. Maybe that will change after they get use to me.


  1. And how/what's going on with the giyur? Inquiring minds, etc....

  2. Greetings from Africa! Going on a safari this weekend :-)