Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mos first Renn Faire

I took Mo to his very first Renn Faire today. I was a little nervous about if he would like it or not because hes kinda hit or miss on the geeky stuff. He would either love it or make fun of the whole thing.

He LOVED it!
He loved the costumes and came very close to buying his own costume. He loved the food. He drooled over the swords and came very close again to buying one. The shows were a little hit or miss but I think he was having a hard time understanding some of the jokes.
He did buy a tail, which hes now trying to freak our cat out with.

I bought a new tea mug, a necklace, and a painting.

The funniest thing that Mo geeked out over at the Renn Faire was a turtle pulling a little cart walking around. He went nuts over it. While he wasnt into giving tips to performers he shoved money in this turtles tip jar like it was singing and dancing.

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