Thursday, December 30, 2010

Another year almost gone...

Its almost 2011 and I already have my ideas for new year resolutions. Sadly, this is epic because when the clock hits midnight Im always confronted with the obligatory conversation piece of "Whats your New Years resolution this year?" within 5 minutes and I have to think of something on the spot. It was always "Quit smoking" till I actually did that back in 2009. I cant remember what I said for 2010, Im sure whatever I thought up was half assed and laced with the brilliance of someone who has had 5 cocktails. It might have had something to do with going to a gym....

This year I have two good ideas that Im actually going to try and do.

I want to call my mom more. At least once a week. Mo talks to his mom almost every day and hes making me look bad.

I also want to try and draw SOMETHING every day for the next year. A friend of mine sent me to her friends blog who did that this year and Im jealous now.

Drawing something every day seems to just be a mental block for me. I have ideas but I always find reasons to put them aside.
I didnt have my computer for a while so no photoshop was my first excuse. Well, now I have a comp and while I still wont have photoshop for a while I did download a free program called Gimp, which as far as I can tell is pretty much the same thing (I cant tell what makes it different yet because Ive been putting off projects). I still find reasons to be too busy.

This year should be a good one (fingers crossed).

The end of March Mo and I plan on visiting Israel for a month.
May (I think) I find out if Im allowed to be Jewish or not.
Im sure we will end up moving again this year... not sure if we are just going to find a new apartment or move to a whole new city yet.
Im pretty sure I'll be getting a new job too -_^

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