Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snow day!

MN got hit with a pretty damn good storm last night and all of today. I think the official count was 20 inches in most places. I cant tell how much our area got because the wind picked up and made some pretty badass snow drifts.
I was very happy to stay home and play video games because it also happened to be that day of the month where I dont move if I dont have to.

Somewhere around 2pm Mo got restless and decided that he NEEDED to go to the bank. So he put on enough snow gear to suggest he was going to the arctic and headed out. About a half hour later I peeked outside to see if he made it out and saw him shoveling away at the drift that was up to our vans door handles. He called it quits after about an hour.

5 hours later we both put on snow gear and headed outside to grab some "time of the month essentials" tampons, chocolate, and Vodka.
Everything you could ever want is within a block of where we live. Walgreens, Cub Food, Liquor store, small strip mall... if a zombie apocalypse happened we would be set. I would be throwing molotov cocktails while Mo broke into the police station down the road for guns. (Not to ruin anyones badass image but I dont actually like fire and I throw like a girl.)

Running around a deserted suburb at night is a lot of fun when the snow at its lowest point is up to your knees. Running through the streets having a snow ball fight and diving into massive snow drifts is awesome. Oddly enough it seems to piss off anyone in a car. Probably because while we giggled and frolicked through the parking lot with our successful purchase they were stuck doing that desperate rocking back and forth behind the wheel thing that doesnt ever scoot your car forward enough to help you but you try SO hard anyway.

I almost hope we are still snowed in tomorrow. Maybe I will piss off other adults again while showing Mo how to make a snowman.


  1. Sounds like your starting to like living in MN...are you?

  2. I wish you a merry christmas.