Friday, December 10, 2010

I guess I do get a little scary.

Most of the time when Mo screams in Hebrew over the phone I tune it out. I cant really understand anything but a few words anyway when hes so angry. I can make out the occasional "Son of a bitch" or "What the fuck do you want me to do?"
Usually I dont get too upset or worried about phone fights. The guys who send us jobs are insane. They tell people we will be there in 10 mins when we are 30 miles away and its snowing outside. They tell people we only charge $15 when the $15 is the emergency fee and really its around $80 total. They have stolen jobs that we have sent them too.
I dont like them.
They accuse us of doing the shaddy shit they do AND one of them personally insulted me by suggesting I cant tell written Hebrew from Chinese (I was not nice about proving how wrong he was and he will forever be gum on my shoe. Anyway..). No matter the fight within 6 hours everyone acts like nothing happened. I've been telling Mo for months that he doesnt need to take their crap and yet he does.

Tonight he may have hit his breaking point....because they attacked his dad. A customer canceled on his father and the guys passing down jobs accused his dad of calling it canceled but doing the job anyway to get 100% of the money. Mos dad said, "Look, Im too old for this shit. I didnt take the job for myself. Think what you want, Im not working with you again." (He doesnt speak English that well so I am adding in verbs and rearranging nouns here.)
Mo put his foot down and said, "My dad and I are the same. If you attack him you attack me! Im done with you!"

I wont lie. While I fully support the idea of ignoring a couple of guys that send us jobs (maybe for reals this time) I was also a little nervous because their jobs do contribute to income.
I was worried. Until Mo blurted out their weakness. A weakness that will not only devastate their lives but also put a small chunk of competition out of our way for a LONG time!
I want to use it! After so many months of them playing the "who has the biggest dick" game it turns out Mo is PACKING!

Mo is a lot nicer than me. While I want to jump for the phone to put us ahead he thinks that karma will put us ahead in the end without "going to war".

It would be pretty damn mean....and they do have kids... but I REALLY dont like them (the adults, not the kids)

I never get to have any fun.

Side note: While thinking over my tendency to want destroy everything in sight when I get upset I noticed there is an itty bitty man on my keyboard trying desperately to run.

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