Thursday, November 4, 2010

Craiglist probably would have been less expensive.

I always miss the real crazies!

Mo still has a few days left until his extended licence expires so when he got a call at 7am I stayed home to keep the bed warm.

When he got home he had a face of half horror and half confusion.
He said, "Your never going to believe this. The woman just called for sex. Like she was livin in a movie or something."

The woman called for a locksmith saying she needed to get into her house. When Mo got there she was wearing a nightie and told him her bedroom door was locked. It wasnt.
She kept trying to touch him too.

In the end he not only pissed her off because he told her to back off but also charged her $50 for showing up because she was annoying.

...A few months ago I missed a visit to a real illegal Mexican whore house too.

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