Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!
I hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!

Here in MN its snowing. I put my foot down and told Mo that he cant work tonight because Im worried about the roads after watching the news. I almost regretted it after he got bored and wondered into the kitchen and started getting all up in my cooking space poking at things.

Last year when I was living in WI and he had businesses up here in MN I closed my store at 9pm and drove 6 hours to spend Thanksgiving with him (it should have been 4 hours but I got lost). We had frozen pizza from a gas station because Mo had no idea that EVERYTHING closed for Thanksgiving and it was the best we could do. Mo also didnt read instructions on the pizza and he broiled it. I drove home around 10pm to get up and open my store at 4am. That was... memorable.
This year Im determined to actually DO Thanksgiving. I havent really celebrated in over 4 years because for one reason or another I was always alone and last year was such a fantastically hilarious disaster, I just feel Im due.

Tomorrow I plan on making a Lime Beer Chicken, Stuffing, and a variety of roasted vegetables.

Today, to prepare, I made Red Stuff. I first had it at my step grandmas house. Its something that goes with EVERYTHING. If you do it right it is the most fantastic mystery dish ever. While my family treats the recipe like a family secret in all honestly its probably one of those dishes that was put on the back of a box a long time ago but never caught on.
I know this because I lost the recipe in our move and managed to google it.
Its basically Jello, bananas, strawberries, pineapple, and (I love the reaction I get here) sour cream. It sounds weird but it is one of very few things that I actually crave during the holidays and love making for parties.
While you can google the recipe and it seems pretty straight forward there are little things that you need to do beyond what any recipe says to make it perfect, which Im not sharing unless your family or I really like you. Otherwise (as my mom found out) it turns into a goopy mess.

Does anyone have any holiday favorites they like to make?

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  1. G'damn it.... I told you how to make my patented apple sauce, and you're not even going to give out the secret to red stuff (the name is somewhat reminiscent of 'hot dish')? Pthhh!