Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New job

I decided to take a part time job. I needed a reason to get out of the house and meet new people because as much as I love Mo, we were spending WAY too much time together and for the sake of our relationship, that needed to stop.

So I took a part time job at a lotion/makeup place in the mall. Getting the job was easy. Right after I quit my last job where I was managing a chocolate store I found out some major company drama went down and almost all the managers in my district walked out and started working for this lotion/ makeup store. The new district manager of the lotion store was a friend and fellow manager at the chocolate store so she was more than happy to find room for me.

My first day was... frustrating.
The manager is a very nice guy but seemed to get bored with the idea of training me after 20 mins (my first shift was 9 hours long). He did a quick overview of how to open, had me fill out the new hire paperwork, had me watch a couple videos, then gave me an overview about what was stalked on 1 wall.
That was it.
I spent the next 6 hours walking around in circles reading some labels, asking if there was anything I could help with (no), and trying to look over the shoulder of whoever was checking a person out (didnt help, buttons are small and no one seemed interested in showing me how to do anything).
Best comment of the day, after a lady checked out she gave me a very sympathetic look and said "Good luck!"

Upside, I was told there will be cake tomorrow. I'll put up with just about anything for free cake.

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  1. so how's the new job going since your last post?