Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The prices reflect our blood pressure sir.

When we get calls from people who are locked out of their cars in front of a business they never give us an exact address to their location. I dont know what they google or who they talk to that seems to know their location but it never fails that we will always end up a block away calling the customer trying to figure out which parking lot they are in.

Last night was no different. Around midnight we headed out to a guy locked out of his car and the address he gave us was to the back parking lot of an office. We called him up to get a better idea of where he was but the only thing he could manage to direct us with was "go towards the mall". I didnt see a mall anywhere around us.

We pulled out of the parking lot and headed in a direction that seemed like it would lead somewhere with the customer still on the phone. He was spouting out more vague building descriptions then suddenly said "OH! See the cop!"

I looked up to see the cop flashing its lights behind me.

We werent doing anything wrong so normally there wouldnt be a reason to panic but Minnesota has the most screwed up system for people who have just become residents of the state.
We had just bought the van and instead of going to the DMV and getting the new title and registration we were told they would be in the mail eventually.
I had just switched my licence (and had to take my written drivers test over to get an MN licence) but instead of them handing me a new licence they snipped a corner of my WI licence and handed me 3 yellow pages and a receipt then told me to bring them everywhere with me and I would get my ID in the mail eventually.

So instead of just pulling out my licence, registration, and proof of insurance we panicked trying to pull together 15 sheets of paper and all Mos paperwork as well, cause you never know how snotty they are going to want to be.

The officer rolled down her window and told us to follow her to the guy locked out of his car.

We blew out a collective sigh of "Thank god" and "Im going to hit the customer".

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