Sunday, November 21, 2010

Not worth the money..

Well, I wanted this to be a non-rant place, but a random citizen has asked so I shall update!

I work at a chain makeup/lotion store. I have worked a total of 6 days. My title is Part Time Assistant Manager. That means I get keys to open and close the store, I dont get insurance, and my pay is only slightly higher than minimum wage. All I was going for in the job area was a reason to get out of the house and have some time around other people in this strange new area. Mission accomplished.

The manager is really nice and hes funny but he doesnt manage.... or maybe he does when Im not around. I honestly cant figure out what is going on. The numbers in the district show that the store Im working at is the second in the region but I dont understand why!

Sat was just filled with all the things that pissed me off about working at the store.
Next weeks schedule they had me opening alone (I have never opened before) and closing alone on Black Friday (thats just mean).

It was actually pretty busy so I spent the whole day running around greeting, helping, and checking out customers...while the manager and another sales person gossiped and texted.

Anyone who was difficult the manager actually ran away from and pretended to be very busy straitening a shampoo bottle in the corner till they left. Then he would come up to me and say "Im glad you took care of them cause I would have flipped out." Not like I had a choice in helping them or not because his tactic of pretending they werent there wasnt making them go away!

When one regular customer who always causes a head ache walked in everyone started acting like they were invisible to the point where when I loudly asked "What is the free thing they get for his coupon??" right next to their ear they IGNORED ME. I threw my hands up in the air and yelled "Are you FREAKING SERIOUS!" grabbed the first thing next to me and handed it to them as the free item. I have no clue if it was the right thing and Im sure I had to do something in the register but no one corrected me.

At the end of the night a girl I have never seen before came in and it was announced that I would be reteaching her how to close. I have only closed once and no one told me if I did that right or not either. She didnt just need a refresher... she really didnt remember much of anything.

Ah yes, and the first time I closed I couldnt get the safe open after trying the combination for an hour. I called the manager asking if the combo was wrong and he gave me the same instructions. It didnt work so I just left all money where it was and left.
Sat the manager told me he found the official instructions and put them by the safe. They were the exact opposite of what I was given...twice. When I mentioned this to the first person who gave me the combination she very seriously and accusingly said, "Well, why didnt you just try the opposite of what we said?"
...aaannnd I quit.

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