Tuesday, March 1, 2011

14 more days

It was hard enough chanting to myself "just 14 more days... you can last 14 more days..." when thinking about going to work. Ive mostly gotten use to being that person that stops people in the malls and sells overpriced bullshit. I dont like it but Im use to it.

The chanting escalated into an eye twitch and slight rocking back and forth when I got a text message that there are going to be weekly inspections of the company apartments.

Why should that matter? When I think of an apartment inspection I think that people are going to come in and make sure there isnt any new damage to the apartment.

Thats not what that means to them. They were pissed at us after our last inspection because we didnt hand scrub pre-existing carpet stains and our personal items, in our personal spaces that we are paying to be in, werent organised to them.

Mo and I responded with "Yeah? So? Its our personal stuff and we are paying for the space so we will put our dirty laundry in a pile in the corner if we feel thats where it should go."

For whatever reason they didnt push the issue with Mo and I. But they did tell our neurotic and new to the US room mate that they will fine us each $300 if the inspection isnt up to their standards. Hes obviously freaking out.
Mo and I are more in the state of breaking their noses. I could understand their taking money out for carpet cleaning if our cat puked on the carpet and we failed to clean it up but $300 because we didnt fold our cloths is INSANE!

I have the suspicion that the fines have not been mentioned to us because we arent easily scared and that just SCREAMS sketchy.

14 more days.... 14 more days... 14 more days...

I dont think we will be coming back to Vegas. Not to this company anyway.


  1. WTF? Is this a company, or a cult?

  2. *big soft huggs*

    you can make it

  3. Yes, it could be considered a cult (especially if one gets consumed by the multitude of useless details and customs), at best its an outdated and impotent tribalistic religion.

  4. I just called them all a bunch of fucking nazis. Maybe not the best choice of words when talking to a group of jews.... but if the shoe fits and I have to check for my jewelry after they visit....

    Im kidding, I didnt really call them nazis. I did think about it though. It was a very tense 1 minute stare down.

  5. *gives you huggs, caffeine & cookies*