Saturday, March 19, 2011

Falling behind again

Im falling behind on my drawings again.

Realistically Im really not sure if I can keep up with them with all this running around we are doing but Im sure going to try.
I dont think I'll try and make up for the ones that I miss. Instead I think I'll just do them as I can.

Mo and I are back in MN. We Vegas at 6am on Tuesday and drove straight through. We switched with each other every 2 or 3 hours so it was a pretty doable drive until about the 20 hour mark. Then even though we both napped on and off we were cranky, delirious, and tired. We also didnt smell the greatest and were covered in cat hair because Sumomo is shedding really badly.

We stopped in WI for Wed, Thurs, and Fri so we could hang out with my family, hang out with friends, and drop the kitty off at her temp foster home (my friends house). I think her cats were more upset that they were going to have to share again.

Tomorrow the plane leaves. Mo and I are going to do some last minute shopping and reorganize our bags. 

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