Sunday, March 6, 2011

Taking a mental health day

Last night I went to bed at an hour I would consider reasonable because I could get enough sleep to be up and ready in the morning to face a 12 hour work day without a problem.
Only there was a problem. I slept for an hour then woke up after a very strange dream that I cant remember past waking up and thinking "what the hell?" then didnt sleep the rest of the night.
I just couldnt calm down. The most frustrating thing is there wasnt anything that was actually keeping me awake. No one thought that was driving me mad. It was just that every time I tried to relax my chest tensed up and I felt like I would jump out of my own skin.

So I called in sick today because of my lack of sleep. I actually told them it was because I had a blatter infection because it was the only illness I can think of that doesnt require going to the doctor, only lasts a day or two, and is serious enough where anyone who has had one knows you wont be doing anything but drinking cranberry juice and trying to pee all day.

I did finally sleep a little from 9ish to 11ish. I could have slept more but we needed to move our things to the new apartment. Mo did most of the moving.
Sumomo acted like it was the end of the world. Meowing like the day we took her to the humane society. A whole 20 minutes of kitty drama for me to put her in her bag, walk to the other apartment, and unzip the damn thing. Shes fine now and curled up next to me snoring away.

After moving I kept complaining about how I was feeling useless and our bags needed to be put into order of things being left in MN and things being taken to Israel. I was on a no sleep high and wanted to get things done but Mo hooked up the play station to the TV in this newer apartment (for some reason our PS3 only works on HD) then sat me down in front of my beloved Little Big Planet game and set a bottle of wine in front of me with strict instructions to use the rest of the day to relax.

Its almost worked. I was too distracted to reorganize our things but I still cant sleep.

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  1. Somebody needs to come up with cranberry wine for bladder infections. (I have a bottle of Boggs' Cranberry Liquer, but it's apparently now a collector's item.)