Saturday, March 12, 2011

Play us off Vegas!

Well, I wondered how long it would take for Mo to explode. Depending on the situation his fuse is usually shorter than mine.
Yesterday after getting into a screaming match with my ex boss about his threatening to make me leave the apartment I really thought he would storm out then.
He waited a day.

Mo worked this morning and was splitting a shift with another guy because his dad was in town. So Mo had the afternoon off and would then go back in to work at 8pm to finish the other guys shift. My ex boss flipped out and started screaming at them because they worked all this out without running it by him first.
Then while Mo was supposed to be off my ex boss called him and told him he needed Mo at the office NOW. I have no idea what was so important but apparently it couldnt wait because the ex boss called me and said, "WHERE IS HE?" then showed up at the apartment and actually looked in all the rooms to make sure he wasnt hiding.

Mo never figured out what he wanted either and didnt really care. He went to the guy, handed him the keys to the company car, and informed him we would be out of the apartment within the half hour.

And we were. We got a hotel room in the Gold Coast Casino and we will be staying here till Monday when we can get our paychecks from the company...or start a shit storm of doom for them... whichever they decide.

The room is really nice. I want to go check out the hot tub but Mo fell asleep. 

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  1. Oy gevalt.

    All's well that ends quickly. I hope they don't have some extra screwage planned. ("We're holding your last paychecks because we're fining you for all these non-conformities in your vacated apartment. In fact, we'll be sending you a bill for the charges that exceed your paychecks.")