Friday, March 11, 2011

Stubborn takes on Pushy

Last night I woke up multiple times to Mo tossing and turning unable to sleep. He very obviously was stressed. We have a lot to do in a very short period of time which is made even shorter by the ridiculous and random work schedule we are on.

So this morning I woke up and made an executive decision, I told him that I would tell the company that today would have to be my last day. This way I can take care of everything that needs to be done and everything that pops up along the way. He can go to work and not have to think about all the things we need to do. Honestly after doing the move down here trying to shove everything into a tight schedule I cant freaking take the stress of doing it again! It could have been the other way around but he makes more than me and I think his quiting would have made a bigger stink than mine did...though mine was borderline epic apparently.

Mo got called in to do something early and ended up running into my boss. He told him that today had to be my last day. My boss said, "She needs to talk to me." Fine, I was planning on it. I went into work, called him, and he said, "I'll be in the office tonight so we will talk then."

I knew what was coming. I knew he would put me on the schedule for the next day even though he knew full well what I needed to talk about already and I knew he thought I would cave and say, "Oh, ok.." Which with these people could very easily snowball into "Well, we need you Sat too..." and so on till the 14th.

So when I went into the office and sat down with him our conversation went like this:
Me: "So Mo told you earlier today needs to be my last day. We have a lot of things to take care of and little time to do it in."
Him: "Well telling me today isnt good enough. That doesnt give me much time to work with so I put you on for tomorrow only later in the day so you can do stuff."
Me: "Im not going in tomorrow. I tried to tell you much earlier today that I need today to be my last day and you knew that. I considering you give me my schedule 8 to 12 hours before I need to go to work I think my days notice is appropriate."
Him: "Well, it comes down to if you want to leave in a good way or a bad way. I dont want to think you would leave in a bad way, because you did good today."
Me: "Thank you, but that doesnt change the fact that I wont be coming in tomorrow. I dont want to leave in a bad way but I guess thats how it has to be."
Him: "Why are you being so stubborn about this?"
Me: "Your not changing my mind. You can consider me a walk-out if you have to."
Him: "Well I guess this is just showing that you dont appreciate the company you work for."
(At this point I had to stop for a moment and think over my answer very carefully. Hes right. I dont appreciate the company. I dont appreciate the days notice of when I work, I dont appreciate the pushy phone calls all day, I dont appreciate the 4 hours notice of mandatory meetings on what is supposed to be a day off, I dont appreciate working 10 to 12 hours a day and being guilt tripped about taking a lunch because my sales arent high, I dont appreciate how they treat Mo, I dont appreciate how they pushed around our poor room mate (On a day when he didnt sell anything they left him in the Circus Circus location as punishment. The poor guy was there for 4 hours after he was supposed to be done waiting for a ride to the apartment that was always "10 minutes away"), I dont appreciate them coming in and telling me how to organize my personal items every week when we pay rent, and I dont appreciate how they seem to try and scare the crap out of any non american with fines for ridiculous things. The list goes on! I could have said all of this and drawn the whole conversation into a spitting match.)
Me: "Im sorry you feel that way. Have a good night."

And that was the end of it.

Could I have caved and said, "Ok. I'll work Friday but thats it." Yes. But when working for a place that seems to be in the business of walking all over people I dont want to give them that inch.


  1. Congratulations on taking the approach you took. I doubt the intended to let you get away as easily as they were suggesting, anyway. One more day might become another day, and another, and a mandatory meeting.

  2. good for you, i like it when you put your stubbornness to a good cause.