Friday, January 14, 2011

And now Im not happy

We cant take the cats with us. Mo didnt want to tell me.

I started crying. Mo said he would go to Vegas alone and I could stay here with the cats as an obvious "stop crying! Im sorry! I dont know what to do!" reaction.

Yes, I could stay here in MN alone with the cats until we go to Israel...where we will face the problem of who will watch the cats for the month and a half we are gone. Even if we figure that out the problem will pop up again.

Even if we get past all that I have made it very clear that when we decide to have a baby the cats have to go. Sumomo is horribly territorial and its not healthy for pregnant women to be around cats anyway.

So while I want to say "Im staying here! Im staying with the cats!"
Eventually I will have to find them a new home.

I dont want to let my babies go.

...and I've made Mo cry.


  1. um...we've had three kids and kept our 5 cats. the only real concern is toxoplasmosis and that can be bypassed by not changing the litter while pregnant/ probably already have it honestly.

    just sayin'

  2. How did you ever resolve this?

    I wish I could help, but a)I'm halfway across the country and b)I already have twelve cats (all rescues.)