Sunday, January 30, 2011

In focus..

One thing that has been sitting in the back of my mind prodding me at odd times is that Im not Israeli. That seems odd out of context.
The thing is Mo is VERY proud of being Israeli and jewish. So proud that at the beginning of our relationship I wondered what hes doing with an American who isnt jewish. Later I noticed that most Isreali guys I have met dont date Israli women even though they arent hard to come by. So eventually I asked about it and have been told multiple times that Isreali women are bitches.
I laughed it off because every Isreali woman I met was super sweet.

Today, I met the bitches and everything fell into place. Its amazing. These two bitchy...bitches could turn you off to an entire culture in seconds!

My day started off nice. I started in a slower mall with two very nice girls who were very open to helping me learn but got switched to a higher traffic area with these assholes who were annoyed at my very existence.
I was told I should observe and try demos...that was my goal for the day by the boss.
So I did, and anyone who walked away was blamed on me by these short loud little shits.
I complained to Mo and two of the owners.
The owners talked to the girls.
So the girls started yelling about me to themselves in Hebrew.

I could understand everything.

I didnt say anything back.  I did my demos and pretended I couldnt understand a word they were saying.
Mo said I should have freaked them out. But really, do you want to create a little drama on day 2 or wait till its really going to make an impact?
It will be so much nicer to wait a bit then pull them aside and go, "I can understand you. Go fuck yourself." in their own language with their own hand gestures.

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  1. *huggs*

    women can be bitches in any culture though! but yeah i would wait till you're settled in & everything going well then say that to them & take delight in thier response!