Friday, January 7, 2011

The count down to vacation begins..

Poor Mo hasnt been home to Israel in 2 and a half years. For the last 6 months every time we drive by Minneapolis International Airport he stares longingly at the planes and talks about what it will be like when we go visit his family.

Today we bought our plane tickets! March 20th through April 29th we will be in Israel.
Mo is obviously psyched.
Im psyched and nervous. Ive only met his cousin and dad in the US. In Israel I'll be living with his mom and sisters and meeting his HUGE family. A few of his family members can speak English fluently but for the most part their English is like my Hebrew... 2 or 3 useful words and the rest are all swears.

I invited my mom, dad, and siblings to come but they cant afford the trip this year.

My aunt might join us. That would be really nice. Every major trip I have ever been on has been with my aunt. It would be weird going on such a huge trip without her joining us for even part of it.

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