Friday, January 14, 2011

Little Big Adventure

Currently I have Elvis and Little Big Planet 2 on the brain. 
Well, because Little Big Planet 2 is coming out on the 18th and I have had the uber epic collectors addition on reserve for 4 months and right after I pick it up Mo and I will be moving to Vegas.

It was a spur of the moment decision. 

Last month was awesome for us. We were making money and building a sweet little cushion for our savings and our big trip to Israel. 

This month... we are just making it. No extra money to save... everything that comes in is being used. 

Mo was complaining about this to his cousin, telling him about how he was worried because he didnt want to use up all our savings just so we could have a good time. 
(Back story about his cousin- He went to Vegas with us around this time last year. He was supposed to come back to Madison WI with us but ended up staying in Vegas and working at a kiosk there.)
Mo's cousin said, "Come here. You have a place to stay and I can get you both jobs where you can make really good money tomorrow!"

After a couple of phone calls it was decided. We are leaving the business for Mo's dad to run and Mo and I will be heading down to Vegas next week with only what is important to us.... like cloths and the PS3.

I wont lie. Im nervous! 
We are leaving our things behind in storage.
No matter where we stay for the next 2 months we are going to have some kind of room mate... I've NEVER lived with a room mate and avoided it my whole life because it always seemed like too big of a pain in the ass to deal with other peoples habits.
Im still in the process of converting so I dont know if I can jump into classes in Vegas or if I have to start over.
When we come back from our month and a half long vacation in Israel I have NO CLUE where we will be living.

But when you look at the big picture our choices are:

Cross our fingers and hope things get better. I could find another job quickly and maybe if we are lucky we wont be flat broke when we come home from Israel.


Drop everything, pack up, and go make some fucking money RIGHT NOW so we can have a damn good time and come home with options in front of us and a savings account.

...It really isnt that bad. 

...I am sick of snow.

.....We can take that adding machine to Pawn Stars.

................I never really liked MN anyway.

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  1. your elvis sketch is fan-tastic!