Friday, January 21, 2011

We made it!

We made it to Vegas but it has been a LONG few days.

Wed- We took the cats to the humane society. I cried like a baby while we waited for the vet to look the cats over and give them a thumbs up or thumbs down. At one point we heard Sumomo growling and screaming and another vet had to be called in to help. 10 minutes later we were called in. The vet told us they could take Pixel and were more than positive they could find her a new home quickly but Sumomo tried to kill the vet so...

And thats all I heard because Mo grabbed Sumomos cage, announced we would figure something else out for her and ran out the door. So I said goodbye to Pixel and met Mo in the car. He said we would take her with and try to hide her or figure something else if we couldnt but it will be easier to hide one instead of 2, especially because they were fighting all the time.

Mo thought they were going to suggest killing Sumomo. They werent, its a no kill shelter so they just werent going to take her.

Thurs- We got up at 5 am and left at 6ish. We made a little space for Sumomo to run around in freely in the back and have her food and a litter box. She spent the first 3 hours of the drive meowing non stop while walking to every window and jumping back and forth from our laps. After that she stopped and watched cars go by in our laps.
The drive was really uneventful. Iowa, Nebraska, and the first 5 hours of Colorado dont have much going for them. Nebraska had a gigantic T-Rex placed on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. That was my sketch for the day, the T-Rex eating a car.
We stopped for the night in Denver. We couldnt find a hotel that would let us take Sumomo in so we finally gave up and decided she would be ok in the car but we put out a ton of towels and blankets and isolated her carrying case because we were worried.

Fri- Woke up at 5am and went to check on Sumomo. She was sleeping on the one spot we didnt cover in blankets.
Leaving at 6 it seemed like it was going to be another uneventful drive but we got to the mountains just in time to hit a snow storm. So we spent 3 hours white knuckling our way though icy roads, zero visibility, and watching lots of other people wreck their cars.
The rest of the drive was fine but there was so much of nothing that I kept having horrible day dreams about our crappy van breaking down in the middle of nowhere.
We made it around 6pm and met a guy at an office and he took us to the apartment. Its supposed to house a few employees but we get it to ourselves for a while. 10 minutes after he left another guy walked in and sat down with us to talk about jobs. While he was talking ANOTHER guy knocked on the door and delivered kitchen items. It was weird.
But here we are. Tomorrow I will be cleaning this entire house because its obvious no one ever has. Its disgusting.

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