Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mo in style!

Picture #1 for my New Years Resolution. One sketch a day for the next year.

I call this "Mo In Style" ... the style being "How do I use this stupid program!! Its not like Photoshop at all!!"
I downloaded a program called Gimp that my cousin refered me to. She claims it can do everything photoshop can. It LOOKS like it can...but it cant. Its like if MS paint and photoshop had a love child that gets confused easily...

So this sketch was the product of me killing two birds with one stone, testing a new program and doing a quick sketch.


  1. you could also try SAI, which is another free program. it's also not at all like photoshop. :) but it's pretty great... even if some of the commands are still in japanese.

  2. Hey Cuz! The GIMP program has an extensive instructional manual. Grokking the GIMP:

    Good luck, my Lovely!