Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Its probably all that vitamin D

I really like living in Vegas so far. Its much more interesting than MN.

Its always sunny.
I found that its nearly impossible to get lost. 15 minutes in any direction takes you straight into the desert and our apartment is very close to the Palms so as long as I can see the strip Im fine.
People are very friendly.
Mos cousin is being very nice in making sure that Im never bored because I havent started working yet. I appreciate it but I just about had to fake my own death to keep from going to the gym with him and his girlfriend of the day.
There also seems to be magic Israeli elves at my disposal. They just show up at the door smiling and handing me things like dishes, house hold items, practice skirts for work, and they even fixed a computer we will never use.

Im even kind of excited to start working.


  1. Practice skirts? What kind of job did you get? (Maybe I missed that, I was all focused on the cats.)

  2. ^ What that person asked...

  3. Im selling wraps that can be tied in a bunch of different ways to make skirts and dresses. The speech is easy but figuring out how to put the damn thing on takes work.

  4. oooh sounds like fun!!

    never been to america, desert sounds way too hot for me though!

  5. That has the potential for a hilarious disaster, once in a while! "And you can wear it like this, or like this, or twist it around... like... well... you get the idea, don't you? Just buy the damned thing! It comes with instructions!"