Saturday, January 1, 2011

That came WAY out of left field

I work at a store that sells body lotions and make up. I had a few odd customers today but this woman actually made me think "maybe I should back up just encase she knows Im thinking shes crazy and she snaps on me".

Customer: (other store) pointed me in your direction saying you might have what I need. I need a matte eyeshadow because Im allergic to shiny.

Me: Do you know what ingredient your allergic to in shiny eyeshadow? It may not be in our products.

Customer: Shiny! You know, shiny! Im very sensitive!

Me: Ok, well our matte eyeshadows are here.

*I proceed to pull aside the testers for the few matte products we have.*

Customer: Can I try this one?

Me: Sure!

*I go to get a disposable brush, when I turn around the customer has her eyes closed and is holding the tester millimeters from her eye. She opens her eyes to see me staring at her holding out a brush.*

Customer: Im not allergic. I can tell using muscle testing. Im very sensitive! This is a good one! What other colors do you have?

Me: Ummm...

*She spent the next 20 minutes holding various products "testing them" and announcing everything she was allergic to.*

When I got home I googled muscle testing to see if the woman thought she was blessed with special powers or if she followed some New Age health crap...
I found this site: Natural Health Techniques
A wonderful site where you can buy Cough 2oz, Lung Emotional Remedy, and the product information is for "educational purposes only" and they promote Coffee Enemas.

Sign me up

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  1. Sounds like something new Starbacks can branch into. Or maybe at the McDonald's drive-thru...